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    SubjectRe: 1.2.13 v 1.3.81 open() speed results
    > I have just done a comparision between 1.2.13 and 1.3.81 using an perl5
    [... (script that opens many files is much slower now)]
    > There is a marked difference between them:-
    > 1.2.13 1.3.81
    > 436.36 user 448.09 user
    > 41.74 system 552.36 system
    > 11.36.25 elapsed 21.12.38 elapsed

    I too experienced the same thing. We frequently grep through 6,000 or
    so small files, and current kernels take 50% longer than 1.2.13; in my
    case we also moved to elf only, which I figured accounted for some of
    it, but it's a problem for us.

    > If someone would kindly point me at the kernel profiling app, I will
    > recompile and profile the kernel.

    I'll perform tests too, if someone tells me what. Maybe Bash or Grep
    needs to be recompiled with newer libraries (?) I'm running
    libc-5.2.18 now, but am downloading 5.3.9 in hopes that things


    Pete Harlan

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