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SubjectRe: conflicts between P20 (ether) and SC200 (scsi) cards

Drew Eckhardt wrote:
> Note that every i86 PCI board I've seen has allowed you to do the PCI
> INT line (usually INTA only) to i86 IRQ mapping on a per-slot basis. Ie,
> in my box, I've got INTA mapped to IRQ14 in one slot, and IRQ11 in another.
Ok. I didn't realize how interrupts are handled on PCI bus. Your answer explain
that to me.
Nervertheless, I found the problem. It was in plug and play facility :-(
I have a SB AWE32 PnP which uses IRQ5 by default. However, this IRQ was reserved
fro non PnP ISA card in my BIOS, hence it was not use by SB32.
Instead, Plug and play BIOS set SB32 IRQ to 10 and IRQs from SCSI and Network
card both to 9.
I have removed the reserved flag from IRQ5 in my BIOS then all IRQ on PCI
bus are correctly set (IRQ9 to network card, IRQ10 to SCSI card and IRQ11
to video card).
Apparently, Plug and Play doesn't realize what it is indended to do... ;)
(At least on this motherboard, ie. Asus P55TP4N)

Thanks for your help.

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