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SubjectRe: Problem compiling 'setup.S' in 1.3.86+
On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Martin Mares wrote:

>> seems flawed, IMHO. While we're on the subject, _WHY_ is all this damned video
>> code in the kernel in the first place?!?! I boot up in normal 80x25 mode, and
>> then use SVGATextMode to switch to 100x37. SVGATextMode is a perfectly good
>> user-mode program for doing this. I really fail to see the point in including
>> page after page of code in 'video.S' to detect and set modes for every video
>> card on the planet. At the LEAST, there should be a compile-time option to get
> SVGATextMode is very nice, but not usuable on all machines -- there
> are some cards it doesn't support. And some people prefer even in case
> of SVGATextMode

IMHO, it would probably be better to spend your time improving
SVGATextMode than writing kernel support. Presumably the kernel code
isn't usable on all machines either.


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