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SubjectQuestion about the RTC device
I have a few questions about the new RTC device in 1.3.89:

First, what is the advantage of using RTC interrupts and read as
opposed to using itimers (frequencies below 100 Hz assumed)?

Secondly, the RTC ports are no longer requested in the setup code, but
has been moved into the RTC driver. Is the kernel still updating the
RTC clock, even if the RTC device is not configured?

Finally wouldn't it be wise to check the result of the request_region
(maybe just to find some resource conflict)?

Besides the questions I have one wish. Wouldn't it be nice to use
some internationally agreeable format for date and time that is
still easy to read and parse (for /proc/RTC)? I'm strongly thinking
about the format RCS uses (1996/04/15 12:43:44).


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