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SubjectReadprofile and xosview
The only version of Readprofile I've been able to find is at:


This one reports problems reading the /proc/profile file. I assume
it's because this version was written assuming an older format of
that file. Is there a newer version of readprofile that works
with the latest kernel?


I have been trying to get xosview to compile. It does, but it complains
about many "seek" oriented routines being implicitly declared. Every
source file has these warnings. The final exectable coredumps. I upgraded
to the latest libg++, but it still doesn't compile cleanly or run. Since
I saw xosview mentioned in here, I assumed it gets used often, and I also
assume someone knows how to get it running.

Also, in general, is there a site, or sunsite directory where kernel
hacking tools such as those about are maintained? It seems that a lot
of sites have old versions of kernel tools.

Andrew C. Esh
Computer Network Technology (finger for PGP key)
6500 Wedgwood Road 612.550.8000 (main)
Maple Grove MN 55311 612.550.8229 (direct) - CNT Inc. Home Page - ACE Home Page

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