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SubjectRe: Steve's crashing 1.3 machine, cured?
Linus Torvalds ( wrote:

: Sounds like a bad kerneld/module interaction. Maybe the sound module wa=
: s=20
: busy being loaded when kerneld started loading it again, or something=20
: like this. Bj=F6rn, is there anything that protects against that kind o=
: f=20
: "re-entrancy" problem?

No, current module stuff does no locking and even do not try to resolve
any race conditions. I encountered this problem very long ago.
F.e. when amd starts, it mounts a lot of NFS file systems,
and it starts happily only in 50% cases, is NFS is module.
Moreover, I will eat my hat, if someone will able to make kerneld
truly reliable without complete rewrite of module.c.

It was the main reason, why I rewrote all the module stuff
from the scratch. Unfortunately, it is orthogonal to standard
module implementation.

But anybody may get and enjoy
(well, if he will succeed in patching and compiling 8)8)

Alexey Kuznetsov.

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