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SubjectRe: Unices are created equal, but ...
Linus Torvalds writes:

> I think _that_ is why benchmarks are important, not so much for testing
> which one is more "worthy"..

This is the first sensible post I read on benchmarks.

> - lmbench (nice microbenchmark)
> - bonnie (reasonable disk performance benchmark)
> - webstone (or something similar. But use "apache" as the server, not
> some braindead horror like NCSA).
> - ???
> (the three mentioned should cover different areas, all very reasonable,
> but have I missed some important area?)

A database benchmark. I recommend mSQL, which comes with a 'killer' script
which performs a few 10.000 database operations and returns the timing.
While not being the fastest DB around, it is portable to all interesting
platforms and good for comparisons. It does memory IO, HD IO and because it
runs as different tasks (msql server & client) also shows how good the OS is
at scheduling tasks.

That should do... As soon as I get a new HD, I would be willing to do this.
(This may take some time:( ) I have meant to checkout FreeBSD anyway ;-)
*stone him, he said Jehova*

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