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SubjectRe: Linux as a bridge ?
> What is the new bridge code in the Linux kernel ?  The
> says that one can configure a Linux box to act like a bridge. What

Its an ethernet bridge with 802.1 spanning tree support.

> administrative tools do I need to use my Linux as a bridge ? What else
> can I do with this bridge apart from simply having connectivity between
> two segments? Is it possible to selectively block certain IPs on one
> segment ? Is this bridge self learning or do I need to configure it ?

Its self learning. I've not released the tools generally however as
I am not confident the bridge code is stable or solid, and I want
to add things to it, like protocol level selection.

> I am sure, I have set up the two cards and configured them alright. If I
> disable bridge code, everything works and I could reach my Linux system
> from both the segments.

Thanks for the bug report. I'll try and do some more testing.


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