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I made a 1.3.89 kernel that fixes

- I had missed one place where we should have called tcp_send_delayed_ack().
- various drivers updated (this includes the scsi reset handling, although
only the BusLogic driver really uses that currently)
- RTC driver - Linux/SMP needs it
- SVGA bootup minor bugfix
- "struct page" updates for the alpha too
- MD and loopback shouldn't deadlock any more (confim, please?)
- some of the more obscure network drivers work again
- sound driver ioctl bugfix
- ELF core-dumps more complete
- iso9660 bugfix (probably the one that caused some problems for people with
some CD's..)
- SMP should compile cleanly again
- verify_area() bugfix (this was mentioned on the kernel list already: if you
did that patch by hand you have to reverse it to apply the 1.3.89 patch)

Thanks for trying this out (you ARE going to try it out, aren't you??),


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