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SubjectRe: Very strange 1.3.8[78] problem --- can't log in!
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert L Krawitz <> writes:

Robert> With the 1.3.8[78] kernel, I'm no longer able to log in on my
Robert> console (I quickly get a login prompt) as any user other than
Robert> root. I tried upgrading my sysvinit to 2.60, with no luck.
Robert> Doubtless I'm missing something obvious, but I didn't find
Robert> anything in Documentation/Changes. Thoughts, anyone?

>>>>> "Taylor" == "Taylor C Carpenter" <> writes:

Taylor> I had the same problem and found no other solution than
Taylor> reinstalling. :( I haven't any useful response. If you do
Taylor> find a better way please tell me.

Taylor> -taylor cc

I had the same problem once, the problem was this:

I had been installing some tar file, and somehow the permission on /


it should have been


Try doing a 'chmod 755 /' as root.


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