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    SubjectRe: Kernel threads useable by mortals?
    Christopher J. Shaulis said this, and I just had to respond:
    > I'm getting ready to start a couple projects which will depend upon
    > Linux's kernel threads. There are just a couple questions I need
    > answered before I start.

    As far as I know, the kernel threads project got aborted. Apparently
    there are memory locking problems that would require a lot of work, and
    nobody (who would know what to do) is willing to tackle it.

    > 1) A while ago, Linus passed a code snippet around which showed how to
    > start up a new thread in user space. Has anyone improved upon this?
    > Or is it what everyone is using still?

    I also grabbed it and tried to use it in a program I was working on, but
    it was prone to causing kernel panics, so I kind of decided to stop. :)

    There must have been only a small handful of us who tried it, because I
    posted about the problem a few months ago and nobody seemed to know what
    I was talking about. I only got the one reply that basically said "We
    know there's a problem but we've decided it's not worth fixing."

    Granted, I haven't tested it in several months... But I haven't seen any-
    thing in the kernel patch announcements about it, and there's a dark rumour
    floating around that the clone() system call was disabled in recent kernels.

    I guess your best bet would be pthreads, but I don't know anything about
    that, so I'll leave it for someone else to answer.


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