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SubjectRe: Crash report #1 with SADISTIC_KMALLOC/no modules
Amazingly enough Kai Henningsen said:
> (Mike Castle) wrote on 08.04.96 in <m0u6Lg1-23AqtsC@ylum>:
> > I seem to remember that the go32 DOS extender used with DJGPP
> > v1.x allowed the page tables the be paged out. I'm wondering if
> > this is just a slightly different use of terminology here.
> The last time I looked (which, admittedly, is quite some time ago), it did
> no such thing. I don't see why it would, either.

Quoted from:
The 20K is reserved for page tables to prevent intense paging on
machines with less than 4Mb of memory. go32 will page the page tables
if required, and ensuring at least five or six extra pt's reduces the
amount of paging significantly. Testing this was no picnic.

Mike Castle .-=NEXUS=-. Life is like a clock: You can work constantly and be right all the time, or not work at all and be right at least twice a day. -- mrc
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