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    SubjectRe: Linux-1.3.88 - Code Freeze
    Well, it is getting closer, but.........
    > Ok, send me reports, and hopefully we have the worst network problems
    > behind us now..
    > Linus
    After updating from 1.3.80 to 1.3.88, the UDP errors are now gone but I
    got the following message:

    Apr 13 23:32:23 hipeak kernel: rt_cache: route to b4e7c7c6 was born dead

    when I tried to telnet in for another system at this site (
    It is is running 1.3.80. Only happened once, right after bootup.

    The 2nd problem occurs during FTP operations (to/from). I get the following

    Apr 14 11:47:24 hipeak kernel: tpqic02: Unexpected interrupt, stat == 8e
    Apr 14 11:47:33 hipeak kernel: tpqic02: Unexpected interrupt, stat == 8e

    My QIC-02 tape (5150EQ Wangtek) is at interrupt level 7. This has been
    occuring for quite a while now (1.3.6? something), but now might occur
    1-2 time for a 4mb file instead of 12-20 times. I am using a WD card
    at interrupt 9 for the ethernet.

    The system is a DX4-66, 16mb, 1.2gb IDE disk, WD80X3 ethernet, IDE CD-ROM,
    QIC-02 tape and is the gateway machine for local network. I have RedHat
    3.0.3 with latest updates.

    So, hope the information helps. If I need more informations, just
    let know what you to get. Otherwise, things seem to be O.K.. I have
    just been running for one day.

    Jim Bevier

    ** James C. Bevier - J B Systems - 10136 Horizon View - Morrison, CO 80465 **
    ** E-mail: - Web: - Telephone: (303) 697-1038 **
    *** Mountain Living at it's Best -&- Still Searching for that pot of Gold ***

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