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SubjectRe: Linux on Microvax.
Cees de Groot wrote:
> said:
> > Has any body installed linux on a Micorvax? What do I need to do to
> > install linux on Mvax.
> Well, start porting :-). Linux doesn't run on VAXen, and I presume it never
> will. The netBSD people are at it, however (it already runs on older VAXen
> like the 11/780, AFAIR), you'd better keep an eye on them if you want to run a
> free Unix on a muVAX.

NetBSD is also running on MVII with ethernet and RD-disks.

> Porting Linux on VAX would be very well possible, but because VAXen aren't
> built anymore, they are either slower than a cheap PC, or they need

Oh yeah ? DEC has NOT stopped building Vax yet. There are new models out almost
every quarter !

> airconditioning and a special deal with your electricity supplier :-).

Not. The new models are often in pizza boxes supposed to be used in normal office

> Cees
> --
> Cees de Groot <>
> OpenLink Software, Inc.


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