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    SubjectRe: .87 & ftp: corruption of gzipped files
    > is it possible that, if we assume that ftp-masquerading is corrupt,
    > packets are passed through this routines allthough they should not
    > because of absence of masquerading rules ?
    hm, it's definitely not the ftp-masquerading code. I just transferred
    4,5MB via masquerading + isdn, no data corruption. maybe it's the aha2940?
    who knows ...
    but I noticed that, after ftp transferred all data, the client would
    not return to the prompt anymore, and Ctrl+C would do nothing. The only
    way to stop is Ctrl+Z + kill -9 %1. I don't know it that's a 1.3.87 phenomen
    at all.


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