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SubjectRe: still problems with kernel PLL in Linux 1.3.83
On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Ulrich Windl wrote:

> > All the comments on the list so far have been problem reports, doesn't sound
> > like anyone is. Mr. Mills is the author, but lord knows xntpd has been
> > ported to a lot of systems, and I'm sure his time is taken up with stuff
> > relating to his own environment.... ;)
> Just to avoid confusion: Dr. Mills created xntp, and the reference
> clock model, as well as an implementation. That's why his copyright
> is there, but he did not write the Linux-specific code. I guess it's
> up to the people at Erlangen, Germany (mskuhn, Torsten Duwe), because
> they hav experience with that (I blindly assume).

That was my point, Dr. Mills is not likely to be the person who fixes the
Linux port, though I'm sure he's quite responsive enough to requests for


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