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SubjectRe: What's the matter with /proc/sys/kernel/panic
On 10 Apr 96 at 15:21, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:

> Ulrich Windl <> wrote:
> > I just wrote a one into /proc/sys/kernel/panic. Since then I can read
> > out a one from that file. Is it intentional that I can write there?
> Of course. This means that after a kernel Panic your system will reboot
> within 1 sekond. (Read the Source, luke :) The /proc/sys/ directory is for

Yes, you've got me; I wasn't reading the source. In fact I guessed
this would trigger a kernel panic; don't ask why. In fact a name like
"panic_delay" (with or without underscore) seems to be a better name.

Sorry, I did not make a patch for it...

> sysctr, you can read and set various Kernel options.
> Greetings
> Bernd


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