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SubjectRe: firewall, reject: icmp vs. tcp
It seems a lot of people did not like my statement quoted below. 
Therefore I'd like to say what's below.

On 10 Apr 96 at 13:43, Al Longyear wrote:

> You are entitled to your opinions. However, don't let things like facts
> diswade you from your beliefs.
> (You are incorrect in your statements as neither is true.)

I'm absolutely sure that the Win95 DHCP client is against the specs
in RFC1541. I've debugged a DHCP server with Win95; I know. Please
try to send your Win95 a hostname via DHCP, or examine the timeouts
when Win95 is retrying.

For IP I think ICMP is an integral, not optional part of IP.
Therefore if "destination is unreachable" is not treated correctly,
it's not IP what they implemented. (I hope I remembered it reight --
we had a 24 hour EMail breakdown twice this week)

> > It really makes me angry that big companies don't obey the standards
> > even when they complain to implement one. For eyample Win95 does NOT
> > implement DHCP correctly; as Alan indicates they didn't implement IP
> > correctly, too. But people buy these things and then they complain...

PLEASE: Don't insult me; try to discuss instead.


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