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SubjectRe: Crash report #1 with SADISTIC_KMALLOC/no modules
Amazingly enough Linus Torvalds said:
> Not possible, unless the chip in question does other things wrong. The
> %cr2 register contains the virtual faulting address, and all the page
> table lookups on a x86 are physical (and thus the page table lookups can
> never fault, like on some other architectures).

Does this mean that you cannot page out page tables at all, or
it's just a design issue not to? Can the page tables fill up
physical memory? Does this also limit the amount of memory in
use to some function of physical memory?

I seem to remember that the go32 DOS extender used with DJGPP
v1.x allowed the page tables the be paged out. I'm wondering if
this is just a slightly different use of terminology here.

I assume the amount of memory taken up by page tables is
negligible compared to the pages they represent.

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