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SubjectRe: Compiling problems 1.3.85
In <> "Edward S. Marshall" <> says

> 2) Check your RAM/CPU/etc. You have a hardware problem (GCC getting a
> signal 11 generally means a problem with ram, cpu, and company).
> There's a web page for SIG11 information, but the URL eludes me at the
> moment.

When multiple people get the exact same error in the exact same place each
on multiple tries (I got it four times before I gave up), it is VERY
unlikely to be a hardware problem. Hardware problems of this sort are

I have a Micron Millenia P100 with 32 MB of Micron EDO memory that came
with the machine. This is NOT cheap memory. And Micron does not allow
you to change the timing. Their planar BIOS is sealed.

I would guess that the answer may lie with dropping back from GCC 2.7.2p
to 2.7.2. I will be trying that.


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