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Subject1.3.68 & umsdos: bug in UMSDOS_link?
I've reported this "feature" before, but it's still not fixed:
On my DOS partition I have a directory /tmp/linux (mounted as
/dosC/tmp/linux). I use this directory to ftp files to. the "linux"
directory is umssync'd, but the parent directories are not (they are
used for DOS). When I want to move a file from /dosC/tmp/linux to
/dosC/tmp, umsdos creates a EMD file in /dosC/tmp. As an effect, ls
/dosC/tmp only shows the moved files.

Usually without an EMD file in a directory, UMSDOS behaves like
MSDOS. I think even with moving files this should work. I couldn't
quite find out when the file is moved (mv creates a new link, then
removes the old one). As you can't have true links with FAT, umsdos
must create a new directory entry in the target directory. Just when
doing this, it should check if the target directory has an EMD file.
If it has not, umsdos should NOT create one.

An other strange thing is this: If you create a new directory, and
create the empty EMD file there, all newly created files will go into
the EMD file. Interestingly "." and ".." are missing there (because
the directory already existed with these entries when the EMD file
was created the hard way. So far, so good, but: You can change the
owner of that directory, and ls -l even shows that owner (cached?).
But after reboot the owner is root again (of course). Shouldn't
chown() fail for a directory entry (inode) that does not have a
corresponding EMD file entry?

I think this should be cleaned up before 2.0!

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