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    SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system

    rms wrote:
    > I call these collections "Linux-based GNU systems" to help promote
    > unity and cooperation in the whole community. I hope some of you will
    > join me in doing this.

    I don't see what your problem is. I assume it's not just a plain "I'm not
    getting my fair share of the credit" problem, since that would be silly.
    I suspect this is your way of telling everyone "yeah, go ahead, use Linux, but
    be aware that you are supposed to switch over to the Hurd instantly when it
    comes out. After all, you are running a GNU system anyway."

    I'm afraid nothing is going to split the community like the Hurd will: Once
    it comes out, some people will switch over to it, and some will continue to
    use Linux, and we'll have the split community you are talking about. (You can
    prevent it! Stop the Hurd! :)

    Seriously, I am going to try out the Hurd when it finally becomes available,
    but if it is a similarly slow, overfeatured, memory-hogging program like some
    of the GNU utilities (I can't even run GNU sed-3.0 in 8MB, swaps to death; and
    the source code for a certain text editor is more than twice as large as the
    source code for the kernel I'm using), I won't pay $2000 for memory chips but
    continue using Linux.

    Bernd Schmidt
    Happy user of a GNU-based Linux system, and a DOS-based idsoft system.

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