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SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system

I am new to Linux and GNU so I think my impression of this thread may
be shared by others who are also new. Not knowing the history of how
we got here I am a bit confused by comments to/from Richard Stallman.

Why is "unity and cooperation" so important for Linux and GNU. What about
all the other flavors of UNIX? Do they somehow cooperation more? So
What if Linux libc slowly becomes totally different, why is that important
to the FSF? Isnt that ok in terms of the GPL? Isnt that one of the
great things about 'free' software? Is GNU libc not 'free'?

If Richard Stallman (and thus all GNU developers?) feel Linux is
important to them then why dont patches from Linux developers make it in to
the GNU code. I get the impression (posts from HJ Lu) that GNU maintainers
dont want code from the Linux camp, yet RMS seems to be courting Linux users.
This does not make sense.

Why isnt RMS asking freeBSD to change its name? It it because freeBSD
is not cited in high-profile media reports?

I dont know much about the FSF, but may be Linux needs to be 'free' of them
much like the networking code is 'free' of BSD. I would hate to see Linux
developmnt slow down because GNU maintainers cant keep up. Rather let us
diverge. With time, one day we will be totally free.

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