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SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system
I have found this thread to be, for the most part, very interesting and 
informative. This probably stems from the fact that my only experience
with operating systems (including Unix) before discovering Linux, was as
an outsider, and I hated it. RMS on the other hand, probably doesn't
really need a tutorial on the similarities and differences of Windows 95
and the HURD. In fact none of this discussion speaks to his origional
RMS has seen disunity amongst the various Free Software communities, and
from some of the aggressive language used by participants in this thread
I would have to agree with him.
The method he used to try to unify these groups is very remenisent of the
womens movement attemp to change thoughts by changing language, ie.
changing chairman to chairperson etc... It was always my view that this
was working at the wrong end of the stick, and had RMS looked at the
similarity in the two positions he might have chosen a different tack.
The point is, however, that none of this got any of us talking about how
we could cooperate better on the various connectednesses of GNU and
Linux. More cooperation between these two groups can only benifit everyone.

Parity on Dudes,


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