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SubjectRe: EtherExpress problems
> Hello all,
> I currently use an Intel EtherExpress 16 ISA card in both my computers.
> The big one is an 486 DX4 100, PCI system, running the latest Linux version.
> The other one is an 386 DX 40, ISA system, running Linux 1.2.13 .
> The 386 has hardly any problems with this network card. Unfortunately the
> 486 has troubles. The driver fails to correctly initialize the EEXP.
> I let the computer ping each other. This does not work. After a while the
> 486 displays several error messages indicating a timeout of the network
> card. Then everything suddenly works. It keeps running then without trouble.

to me this almost smells like an interrupt or base mem conflict. does the
486 have a sound card sitting on the same interrupt? intel's etherexpress
series cards are typically rock solid, i'd need to know more about what
other hardware is in that 486 before hazarding any other guesses.

> Running an 1.2.13 kernel on my 486 does not solve the problem.

as much as it pains me to say, fire up dos (*shudder*) and make sure the card
checks out with softset. if it seems to pass all the tests, set up the 386
as a responder and blast packets at each other for a while, that may shed some
light on things...

> Bas Mevissen
> Note:
> Send your reply also to, because I'm off the mailing list
> because of the high traffic, since I have internet acces via phone :-(.

--jm bassett

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