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SubjectRe: modules-1.3.69

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996 wrote:

> >>>>> "mc" == Mike Castle <> writes:
> mc> nexus@thune[7:32pm]~(248) ls /etc/*conf*
> mc> /etc/conf.modules /etc/inetd.conf /etc/nis.conf /etc/soundconf
> mc> /etc/dosemu.conf* /etc/ /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/syslog.conf
> mc> /etc/host.conf /etc/lilo.conf /etc/resolv.conf /etc/yp.conf
> mc> Is this covered in the FSSTND?
> YES, it is one of those FSSTND things. This is one of those things
> that makes me think they just wanted Linux to be different from
> everyone else. Kinda like putting the SysV init directories (init.d
> rc?.d) in /etc/rc.d instead of /etc like it is on SysV systems.

Speaking of FSSTND, is there a newer version than 1.2? 1.2 is the newest on
tsx-11 and sunsite and it is nearly a year old. And I keep hearing things
about the FSSTND that are not in 1.2...


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