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    SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system
    In article <>,
    <> wrote:
    >Richard Stallman writes:
    > > I call these collections "Linux-based GNU systems" to help promote
    > > unity and cooperation in the whole community.
    >If it doesn't do that, will you stop?

    Remember, RMS is speaking with an agenda here -- that is to spread
    the Gospel of GNU. In large part I agree with the gospel itself,
    however in this case I think it's silly to say ``Linux-based GNU
    systems''. As others have said Linux itself _is_ an operating system,
    as anyone with a CS degree will tell you. Is GNU underreported as
    contributing to the success of Linux? Perhaps, but I don't think
    so. The GPL is plastered across every Linux distribution I see.

    Linux is a community effort. The GNU community is a part of that
    effort (indirectly, if not directly). Do we need to say more?


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