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SubjectRecent downtime of

I have seen wondering comments of's reachability
recently, and also have seen internal network monitoring alerts,
which lead me to believe people have had difficulties at reaching

Yesterday we had a longer downtime for operating system upgrade,
which is now called Digital UNIX 3.2D (formely OSF/1), along with
several microcode updates at various subsystems (FDDI, SCSI,
controllers have their own processors).

These should improve our system performance somewhat, but it is as
of now too early to tell, as I don't yet have any full day report
from this upgraded system.

We have also had problems at our router cluster, where one router
on the critical path has occasionally lost its ability to send data
to the FDDI, while it apparently happily receives from there.
Rebooting the router helped for a few hours at the time.
Our router wranglers have been testing various software versions,
and hopefully things are now more stable (no guarantees, of course)

FYI: We are in progress of installing more bandwidth into our
international line. I have heard of several possible dates for
it to become operational, anytime within next four weeks.

On matters of /pub/Linux/ -area, contact <>,
on general server matters, contact <>

/Matti Aarnio <>

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