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    SubjectRe: older gcc and pentium

    On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Mike Castle wrote:

    > Amazingly enough Kai Schulte said:
    > > Really 486? Don't the -m486 alignments bloat the code unnecessarily?
    > Well, if using more memory results in faster memory accesses, is
    > it unnecessary? The alignments result in faster code accesses.
    > But if you have limited core, perhaps the compact code is more
    > appropriate.

    It results in more speed for 486-specific accesses, but not for a 386,
    and not necessarily for a 586, either. Can somebody with "real" hardware
    knowledge help out on this? I really don't know enough about the
    architectures, but i'll take a closer look at the new gcc as soon as I
    have the time, promised ;)


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