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    SubjectRe: Security Hole?
    On  3 Mar 96 at 16:03, Andrew Mileski wrote:

    > Wanted to get some EXPERT opinion on this...
    > I've noticed that the linux kernel allows anyone to freely
    > request/release IRQ, DMA, and I/O. Is this a security

    Are these functions really available to user processes? I think only
    kernel drivers should be able to use them. Otherwise you would have
    to track the owner (PID).

    > hole, or am I missing something that only allows root to
    > do these things?
    > I was considering giving each resource region a uid, with
    > only root or the owner being allowed to change that region.
    > Originally I was going to use the devname, but this is not
    > secure enough, and things like the serial drivers might
    > not like that.

    I think PID would be more secure than UID, but usually UID is the

    > Is it necessary to add anything for security? Or should
    > the status quo be maintained?
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