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    SubjectRe: SCSI as module
    Sheldon E. Newhouse <> wrote:
    > Perhaps this is a silly question, but I am curious anyway. If the only
    > hard disk is a SCSI on the system (in my case an Adaptec 2940), then how
    > is one to boot and load the SCSI as a module? Wouldn't it make more
    > sense to ask the kernel maker whether his base boot disk is SCSI or IDE
    > and set the defaults accordingly?

    With bzImage + initrd it is possible to boot a SCSI-only system
    with the complete SCSI-subsystem as loadable modules.
    You only have to have one filesystem and the ramdisk driver compiled
    into the kernel. Sometime in the not to distant future you will even
    be able to have those as modules... but don't hold your breath...

    Bjorn <>

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