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SubjectRe: 1.3.79 - The Keyboard that never returned...

> Wonder if this is related to my dead keyboard syndrome. my no concernable
> reason my keyboard will lockup completely dead. Reset button time. tasks
> are still running as I watched a kernel re-compile finish once. The
> screen will blank but nothing on the keyboard is active. There are no
> messages written in syslog. This will usually occur if I leave the room
> for a minute and usually when in an editor with half finished mail :) But
> it has happened at a prompt as well. and it's really bothering me.
> Somedays it doesn't happen at all, but other days like today it occured
> 3-4 times.

I used to see the "dead keyboard syndrome" too, but I could just
make the keyboard revive by unplugging and plugging it into the
computer again...
(and I saw some keyboard timeout message on my syslogs)

> Pentium 100 Gigabyte with 256k of cache 16meg of mem.. Old old mitsumi AT
> keyboard. PCI triton. 4 IDE drives and a soundblaster. ATI mach-32 ISA with
> 2meg of video. APM is disabled, but everything else is set to its fastest
> settings.

PCI triton too, no sound, CL 5430 video, no APM, P75
> Colten Edwards

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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