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SubjectSocket destroy delayed (using plip)

I have some weird problems using plip under 1.3.7X and greater.
My setup:

Linux server running IP forward/gateway/firewall/masquerade (with fixes
from David Bonn) connected to DOS machine running crynwr's plip and
NCSA's telnet.

What works: I can make two-way connections from server to client and vice
versa with no problem (telnet into server, ftp, finger, etc). And I can
make two-way connections to foreign sites from client, as well.
Basically, everything works beautifully and I know I have it all set up
right (fingers crossed :)

The problem: Every now and again, at seemingly random intervals, the
connection freezes up completely (for client to anywhere; not just
outside network). This happens sometimes as soon as the first few
packets are transferred, other times it'll last for hours...

On the server machine, I get massive Socket destroy delayed messages.
These will not end until I bring down the plip interface and restart it
again. Then everything is fine until the next time it goes down. Once,
I received an Oops and an Aiee when I brought the interface back up.

Is there anything I can do to track to problem further?


# B. James Phillippe # System Administrator, #
# System Technician, Zebu Systems, LLC ( #
# -or- #
# (Ab)using Linux since coronation (1.1.59). # Thanks Linus! #

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