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SubjectRe: ext2 attribute immutable
Date once wrote:
> Sort of. The immutable flag is documented in the e2fsprogs maintained
> by Ted, and has been around for a long time. It's a perfectly
> standard component of Linux. However, to be *really* secure you need
> a way to prevent even root from overcoming the immutable flag. The
> way to do that is to have a global system-wide security level. The
> system boots in singleuser mode with securelev=0, but root may up the
> securelev at any time. A non-zero securelev prevents even root from
> bypassing or removing the immutable (or the append-only) flag on an
> ext2 file.
> Not even root is allowed to decrease the securelev again. The only
> process ever allowed to decrement securelev is init.

So, how does one need to modify /proc/1/mem to decrease the secure-level
after getting root access? :)

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