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SubjectRe: Linux-1.3.79
On 28 Mar 1996, Dave Barr wrote:
> I like the new design, I thought the initial menuconfig's were a first
> step but the UI was grossly inconsistent.
> However, I would like to see some sort of (Y/N/M) indication on each
> item saying if it is available as a module. It's disconcerting to
> hit 'm' on an item and still be presented with (*). I think the
> (*) should be replaced with (Y) to be consistent.
> Something like:
> ( ) [YN ] Something w/o module support
> ( ) [YNM] Something with module support
> (Y) [YNM] A compiled-in item
> (M) [YNM] A module item

Or something like:

( ) means Y/N
< > means Y/N/M

just like it already does right now?

Maybe the very first option on the menuconfig should be "About Menu
Config" which results in help information that documents notation such
as this.

I agree that a Y may be more consistant than a *, however I think the
present ( ) and < > looks cleaner than what you suggest even if it does
take some getting used too.

- Ben Galliart (

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