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SubjectRe: kmalloc: 56 is the answer to Linux, the Universe and Everything

(I'm lazy at quoting....) This looks to be interesting:

no. requests size requested
24205 56 struct vm_area_struct
303 988 struct task_struct
303 84 struct mm_struct
303 516 struct signal_struct
303 16 struct fs_struct
303 1060 struct files_struct
211 96
211 19
139 160
[ descends into noise]

I only went through the 'easy' requests - those with 303 requests.
They come from creating new tasks, but all of the structures are
allocated seperately. I decreased NR_OPEN on my system to 246 and am now
enjoying an extra 8-10 pages of free memory (yeah). NR_OPEN is defined
in linux/fs.h and limits.h. signal_struct can't be helped, but maybe
there is a way to attach it to some of the other allocations... Or
perhaps a kmalloc that better deals with these allocations should be
written. Any ideas?


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