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SubjectRe: Current Status
Alan Cox ( Wed, 20 Mar 96 22:43 GMT:

> This is my current "intray" list of pending things. I think we are still
> quite a way from 1.4/2.0 yet. This should also provide some things for
> people to do if they want to join in.

To add to Alan's list (one of his own that slipped through the cracks)
is that the stuff like mouse_register() and friends (in mouse.c) should
be changed to misc_chrdev_register() or whatever. That way drivers can
snarf up a minor from major ten instead of wasting a major. (They
still can now, but it looks stupid calling mouse_register() when your driver
has *nothing* to do with mice.) If you don't follow me, then have a quick
scan of softdog.c and you will see what it is all about. According to
"devices.txt" there are already six non-mice entries on major 10, and
only six mice devices on major 10 (not counting the amiga ones). Hrmmmm...


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