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SubjectRe: Zmailer and Majordomo troubles

> Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:02:43 +0100
> From: Alain KNAFF <>
> =A0I wonder why all my mail from the linux mailing list goes
> through ? If mailers which don't announce
> themselves as 8BITMIME are frowned upon, and "punished" with QP,
> why are they used as exploders then?
>I needed exploders, and I needed them badly. So any piece of crap
>machine that was willing to push mail for me I accepted, no questions
>asked. It was important to get vger running smoothly asap.
>"convenience" items like 8bitmime etc. was secondary for the decision

 If this convenience is secondary, why then does vger's zmailer try to
"punish" erm1 for the lack of 8bitmime? Take your pick: either
consider strict mime compliance as a must, and then don't use those
"crap machines" as exploders, or else consider strict mime compliance
as optional, and then don't mangle 8 bit messages. Just don't have it
both ways :)

Thanks in advance,


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