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    SubjectRe: A minor error
    On 22 Mar 1996, Brian Blackmore wrote:

    > Pressing Alt+F3+F4 consistantly gives a "Keyboard Error" (I noticed it
    > when console switching rather rapidly) it seems to have been like this
    > ever since time began and happens with no other key combination I can
    > find. Could possibly cause problems with a game of some kind and
    > might help spot a bug elsewhere?

    Can't reproduce this. I pressed Alt+F3+F4 on our test server (P75, 32MB
    RAM, ASUSTeK MB) and nothing happens - it just sits there staring at me
    (you know what I mean). After, I can still do everything normally. Maybe
    bad keyboard / KB controller chip? That'd be my best guess on that one.

    Derrik Pates
    Win95 isn't the problem - OS/2 and DOS are. Win95 is the answer.
    -- also --
    Linux is the answer to the same problem.
    -- but --
    Linux is free.

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