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SubjectRe: Let's make ext2fs into lfs (Was: Is anyone using EXT FS)
David Monro writes:
> A very incomplete list:
> afs - gone; [bcd]fs ?; efs - confusing with the old extfs;

efs - The old SGI filesystem uses this name.

> ffs - gone; gfs -
> someone might think it was a GNU filesystem; hfs seems familiar from somewhere,
> [ijk]fs ?

jfs - Journaled filesystem from IBM.

> lfs gone; mfs gone (mem fs under bsd); nfs gone; [opq]fs?; rfs gone;
> [st]fs ?; ufs gone (and can we port the bsd one?); vfs - gone (virtual layer);
> wfs?; xfs - not sure;

xfs - this is the new filesystem from SGI.

> [yz]fs ?
> So can anybody think of good names starting with one of bcdijkopqstwyz?
> David

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