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SubjectRe: Recognising 2 Adaptec 2940s
In message <>, Dan Merillat writes:
> I figured it would be simple, having the kernel recognize both the
> controllers. Unfortunatly, it seems there is no aic7xxx=irq,io-addr
> (why? It's in every other device) Only some vars I don't really care
> about (I.E. scsi-reset on boot, etc)
> Anyway, just a quick pointer on how to get the second card recognised
> would be appreciated.
> --Dan

There's no irq kernel cmd line setting because the 2940 is a PCI device.
The IRQ is autoselected at bootup.

Running 1.3.68 I have no problems with finding both of my 2940's.
I've never had a problem with earlier kernels either...

Good luck.

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