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    SubjectRe: Does anyone have a solution to the psaux / watchdog problem?
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    > available from

    Couldn't you do us a favour and turn the advert off.. its annoying
    especially at the top of an email

    > Would it be fruitful to generalize this to all major numbers, or is char
    > 10 the only one with this problem? If this problem is widespread, it
    > might be a good idea to pass both major and minor number in access
    > requests. A good way to implement this efficiently would be to allow the
    > use of wildcards in modules.conf, i.e. allow 'alias char-major-14-minor-*
    > sound' and so on.

    10 is a special case. The "misc" devices interface on major 10 allows
    loadable devices to just allocate one minor number. Thus you can have a
    couple of hundred minor widgets like /dev/watchdog, /dev/temperature etc
    on minor numbers not each wasting an entire major number needlessly.


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