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SubjectRe: CONFIG_PNP: Please change the name
>Yes. But I assume these are software issues that can be overcome by
>a properly written resource manager for linux. I like jumpers but
>the promise of a system where you just "plug and play" is to tempting
>to pass up.

Agreed, and now there is *NO* choice in some cases to not use
"plug and play".

>> A good Example are the new Teles 1.3 ISDN Cards. You can configure them
>> only under Windows or dos, and you can only stick two of them in one system
>> cause they have only 2 config-ports.
>But thats a fault of Teles. Non PnP soft config works well with the 3com
>enet cards. Again, a good resource manager should do the best it can
>with the hardware at hand.

Agreed. They ought to have known better - and then people
shouldn't buy such junk, and force them to change.

(Note: Obviously Teles didn't intend the ISDN cards to be
used in a server requiring multiple lines. Somebody bought
a product intended for a different market and/or a different use.)

>> Of course PNP is very helpfull (Eisa, MCA, PCI) if it works right... the
>> question is... does it work right? :)
>This is the big question. I am only concerned with linux for now so if
>PnP for linux works well I dont care if Win95 is a "disaster".
>We have the option to disable PnP with a jumper and then we have a
>"simi" soft config. The config port is jumpered in that case but the dual
>port ram and irq is soft config via the jumpered i/o.
>Mike Kilburn

At least *somebody* understands! :-)

-- Andrew E. Mileski --
"The best programmers are lazy", so I'm told.
I haven't gotten around to seeing if it is true or not though.

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