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SubjectRe: 1.3.75 will not boot. (FIXED, please read)

On Sun, 17 Mar 1996, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> > I am trying to use the Linux-FT Unifix Boot Manager to boot the 1.3.75
> > kernel. I am using the following boot line:
> > c:/1/kernel/1.3.75 root=/dev/hda1 ramdisk=0 vga=2 ro auto
> > I have the following hardware option line:
> > aha152x=0x140,11,7
> > The 1.2.13 and 1.3.73 kernels boot with the exact same configuration.
> > With 1.3.75, I do not even get a video mode change from 80x25 to 132x43
> > and the Uncompressing kernel message. Booting the kernel with _no_
> > options using the "c:/1/kernel/1.3.75" command on the command line seems
> > to work. Any help would be appreciated.
> Here is a follow-up.... After reading this posting...
> Section of Message:
> > There are problems with the new boot/video.S code.
> > ( maybe this also touches the Linux-FT Unifix Boot Manager,
> > -- as just posted --, and others )
> >
> > The routine 'store_screen' overwrites major portions of LOADLIN, which
> > is sitting _behind_ setup.S. LOADLIN must be there, else it will not run.
> > ( the space LOADLIN currently reserves for setup is 4K, and I increased
> > it yesterday to 8K )
> >
> > The below patch fixes the problem (atleast for LOADLIN) by switching
> > the CONFIG_VIDEO_RETAIN option off (doesn't hurt the boot process).
> > Loaders which have no problems with it can switch it on by setting
> > the CAN_USE_HEAP bit in loadflags.
> I didn't have time to apply to patch, but I did change my kernel boot
> line to read:
> c:/1/kernel/1.3.75 root=/dev/hda1 ramdisk=0 vga=0 ro auto
> This seems to work perfectly. The problem only occurs when a higher
> video resolution is selected. This could be a major problem is it breaks
> Linux-FT Unifix Boot Manager, LOADLIN, and others.

Well, I just applied the normal line of patches to the 1.3.75 kernel,
(printk patch, pentium memcpy patch) and now the video fix for setup.S.
It appears that this was the problem, because now the kernel boots fine
with a vga=xx in the command line. I really hope this is fixed 1.3.76.
Also, could you [Linus] consider adding the pentium memcpy patch into the
standard kernel? I know it's supposed to be a feature freeze, but it
really isn't that big of a deal, and it helps improve performance.

Thanks all for the help!

BTW... If anyone would like to try the Linux-FT boot manager, it's great
because it is fully graphical, doesn't use configuration files, and can
boot other operating systems. It has multiple language support and full
help. You need to get to the Linux-FT 1.1 distribtion on, and get /lib/boot_block, /lib/boot_manager, and
/sbin/mkboot. Put them in the appropriate places on your system, and
start with a mkboot /dev/fd0 to try it out!!

Linux-FT is a great distribution, and a bug thumbs-up to the Linux-FT

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