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    SubjectRe: lsattr fails in 1.3.71
    Ulrich Windl:

    : Yesterday I've been playing with lsattr-0.5c. I think the output speaks
    : for itself. (I have compiled the program with gcc-2.6.3 as a.out on
    : top of Slackware 2.4, but with the kernel sources 1.3.71 installed).

    : % lsattr /
    : lsattr 0.5c WIP, 17-Aug-95 for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
    : //zIma: No such file or directory
    : //zIma: No such file or directory
    : ------- //
    : ------- //

    <enormous amount of junk deleted>

    Well, let's see. First "man lsattr":
    lsattr has been written by Remy Card <>,
    the developer and maintainer of the ext2 fs.

    There are none :-).

    That is good. So the bug is not in lsattr. Then what is wrong?
    It looks like a libc problem with struct dirent somewhere.
    Now the Changelog says:
    Fri Oct 27 18:07:48 1995 <>

    * iod.c (iterate_on_dir): Don't assume that d->reclen is the size
    of the dirent structure; it isn't under Linux.

    So, for the time being my conjecture is that you complain
    about a problem that has been fixed already in version 1.02
    of the e2fs package.


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