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    SubjectRe: SCSI Kernel Problem - BAD
    On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Benson L Chow wrote:

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    > Another "Me Too" post about the SCSI problem --
    > I have a Conner 1060S with the firmware patch and a NCR 53c810 board
    > (made by NexStor) running on a Triton based PCI mb (I have 24 MB of RAM
    > for the record, maybe the buffer cache causes extra timing
    > constraints?). It causes the machine to lock solid, and the machine
    > won't sync() so I never could get a syslog dump, though it is similar to
    > what's posted earlier. The problem is reproducable but not always
    > consistent. Here was my results with the release 17 driver on kernel
    > 1.3.5_ (I forget which, it was a while ago -- and I was fed up and
    > reverted to the aha152x driver which seems stable)
    > 750 meg ext2fs partition, at end of disk. Copying (with cp -av file1
    > file2) 24 meg file causes it to crash almost immediately (about 1 meg
    > into the copy). cd, ls, df, hdparm -t /dev/sda, du, dd if=/dev/sda3
    > of=/dev/null, all work without any trouble. (destination of data was to
    > my IDE primary disk) hdparm reports a transfer rate of about 3.6
    > MB/second with the disk.
    > 30 meg ext2fs partition (on 1GB disk at beginning of disk), copying 30 meg
    > file from the disk to the IDE. No problems whatsoever.
    > 1GB MSDOS/VFAT/UMSDOS partition, copying 24 meg file. Occasionally
    > crashes, mean time between crashes increased about fourfold. Sometimes
    > I can copy the file, sometimes not.
    > I've tried my CPU clock speed and playing with termination; it didn't
    > seem to help.
    > Win95/MSDOS/Win31 works fine with the subsystem (which is why I
    > reluctantly decided to format the disk under FAT :(
    > Hope this leads to some ideas of what's wrong. Some people I've
    > corresponded to have claimed defective motherboards, etc., and I'm not
    > too sure why it works fine under win95 using its protected mode drivers?

    I think it is related to the NCR 53c810 and some PCI Motherboard code,
    and intense disk usage (e.g. newsspool) I had a similar problem with that
    type of configuration. (16 MB Memory)
    Perhaps with some early versions of PCI? BIOS?



    Johan Henselmans
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    Netsense bv, Nieuwe Herengracht 147 1011 SG Amsterdam
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