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SubjectRe: Important peripherals..
On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Anno Domini 7 Mar 96 at 13:31, David A Willmore wrote:
> > Well, I'm not sure if Alan has put the baudot support into the networking code,
> > but that might be a place to start. Anyone got an ASR-33 that they can loan
> > me. I'm afraid I can't cover shipping.
> >
> In the 80's I did travel to the former DDR (East-Germany) few times.
> I saw there some really ancient Siemens-made TELEX-machines complete
> with 5-column tapereader and punch. Maybe some of our German-
> friends could send Alan and David a nice present. :)
> Cheers...
Tee Hee,
I used to have one of those beasties. Fully electromechanical. Scary-
there were't even any resistors in the things! The most 'active'
component was a large inductor that filtered out 50 baud signals for
some reason (made a circuit diagram for it) and the motor start capacitors.
Unfortunately, It was a mangled version so I could never get the keyboard
to work. Threw it away....
Mind you, I have a few old Siemens telecom contacts, so If Alan can pay me
the shipping charge (The things weigh ca. 100lbs.) I could maybe help ;-)
Not to be too facetious, but this kind of device support could be useful in
countries where the only reliable means of data comms is still telex.
(Mad visons or Reuters correspondents sitting in some remote corner of
the world with a laptop running Linux>
Apologies for this blatant waste of bandwidth, but I just couldn't resist
that retrocomputing itch....
And what's so weird about Baudot support anyway- after all, Linux
supports Klingon charsets! (To all you dedicated Trekkies out there- no
offense intended)
BTW who should I contact about rewritten network drivers for the 3c507
ni5210 and exos205 (my own contribution)?


| / _ \ _ _| __ \ Dirk Niggemann
' / | | | | | Jesus College
. \ __ < | | | Cambridge, CB58BL
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