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SubjectRe: Exeption w/ 2.1.14

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Rodrigo Feher wrote:

> Yes, I think downgrading to 2.1.13 fix the problem. I never got an
> exception like that under < 2.1.14. BTW, I'll take a look at the 2.1.14
> patch and try to figure what's causing this strange behavior.

Cool, thanks a lot.

> I was running a lot of "sendmail -q" to deliver queued mail. When I
> lost the connection (slip) from my ISP got "socket destroy...".

Hmm... I just about the same problem, except mine was with PPP getting
disconnected (under RedHat 4.0), and it didn't always happen. And I was
wrong, downgrading to 2.1.13 didn't fix the problem. I tried killing off
some stuff using sockets with no luck. Ended up that I had to reboot to
kill the error.


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