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SubjectExeption w/ 2.1.14


Today I got:

Dec 8 16:59:25 inward sendmail[4424]: QAA04424: to=<>, delay=00:00:01, mailer=smtp, stat=queued
Dec 8 16:59:46 inward kernel: Exception at c012e360 (c0184739)

From /proc/ksyms:

c012e2c0 getname
c012e3c0 putname
c012e3d0 permission
c0183bc0 vsprintf
c0184090 sprintf
c0191eb0 loops_per_sec

GCC is, binutils is, libc is 5.4.12 and is
1.8.5. Did sendmail caused this exception? BTW, what causes a exception
like that?

Help is appreciated. :)

- rf

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