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7 Dec 1996

  Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: no-header e-mailTerry Dawson
[New] Re: Linux and 6x86"jdhazard"
  Re: Linux decent performanceMichael Neuffer
[New] Serious 2.0 filesystem bug (was Re: recover deleted files?)Tony Nugent
[New] Connections won't timeoutMichael Driscoll
[New] gdb with FPU support for Linux?"Yuri A. Pudgorodsky"
  Re: Connections won't timeout <logic@virtual ...
  Re: Zip drive with IDEBernhard Rosenkraenzer
[New] string-486.h - why not used?Mark Hemment
  Re: PNP patch into kernel when?Fred Love
  Re: PNP patch into kernel when?(Alan Cox)
  Re: Compiling 2.0.27Andrew Pollard
[New] 'fastboot' for i386?Ingo Molnar
  Re: source dependencies cleanup? (fwd)(Kai Henningsen)
[New] Shell-Script problemsMeino Christian Cramer
  Re: PNP patch into kernel when?Tom Lees
[New] Re: PNP patch into kernel when?Tom Lees
  Re: Connections won't timeout(Alan Cox)
[New] error-compilationRussell Berry
[New] sockets in 'CLOSING' stateJosh Richards
  Re: PNP patch into kernel when?"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] UFS filesystem?Matt Nelson
[New] Genius B105 handscanner driverTuukka Toivonen
[New] Syslogd not working...Filippo Della Betta
  Re: map problem??Peter Denison
[New] Re: Linux and 6x86"Yakko J. Warner"
[New] Cyrix 686 Patches"Roy P. Turner"
  Re: Linux and 6x86Alexandre Maret
  Re: Linux and 6x86(Joel N. Squire)
  Re: Shell-Script problems(Erik Andersen)
  Re: Linux and 6x86Tuomas Heino
  Re: Linux and 6x86Leigh Koven
  Re: Shell-Script problemsHenrik Wallin
  Re: UFS filesystem?(Alan Cox)
[New] TCP: **bug** asaman@eexi ...
  Re: Connections won't timeoutDUPRE Christophe
[New] 'Mega patch 2.1.14#5'Alan Cox
[New] syslogd and 2.1.14Liquid Insanity
  Re: Shell-Script problemsIon Badulescu
  Re: Syslogd not working...Keith Owens
  Re: syslogd and 2.1.14Keith Owens
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